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Natalie loves nothing more than to sit at her bench and to become lost in the making of each piece.

She moved to Aotearoa from the UK in 2013, bringing her jewellery business with her. She works from her home workshop in Wellington where she balances life with her wonderful partner, their two small and amazing humans and two beautiful moggies. Each and every piece begins and finishes within her Wellington workshop and is solely NZ made.

Creating wearable pieces of work to adorn and decorate the body has always been Natalie's focus. Keeping it simple, delicate and beautiful she translates her references and research into pieces of work that vary in both the processes used to design them but also the materials chosen to make them. Her work is varied; her collections have grown and changed as she has through the years. Whilst many of her designs and processes began using fairly structured industry methods, the past 8 years of life, love, and experience here in New Zealand have helped not only to develop new aesthetics in her work but to allow growth and encourage understanding of the medium with which she works.

Natalie's collections explore pattern, repetition and texture, and much of her work involves a strong focus on rich floral aesthetics. Currently Natalie is moving in a new direction - finding delight in rough textures and one-off pieces.

"My last two collections GLOW and Future Artefacts are indicative of a real period of change for me...after the birth of my first child, I gave myself much needed time to explore new ideas and to just 'play' in my workshop. I'd never before allowed myself to become immersed in the exploration of precious metals and precious stones, but once I did I flourished...and I believe my work did also. I feel a huge affinity with the open-ness that is New Zealand, moving here has allowed me to breathe: to not feel so boxed in. I truly believe that has had a huge impact on my work."



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