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To ensure your gorgeous piece of Natalie Salisbury Jewellery remains in its best condition, it is advised to clean it regularly. To do this the easiest and simplest way is with a soft toothbrush, a little soap, and some warm water. Gently brush the piece with warm soapy water in small circular strokes to ensure any dirt is removed from within the delicate lace patterning or the branch-like forms. This basic process is most effective for rings, where hand cream and other general household and beauty products can get caught more easily.



Sizing and Alterations

Here at Natalie Salisbury Jewellery we also provide a re-sizing service. Should you have any questions regarding this service then please do get in contact.



Re-plating Service 

The term 'gold-plating' is actually short for the process of 'electroplating'. Without getting too technical, electroplating is the process of covering one metal with a thin layer of another. Each layer is measured in something called 'microns' and the more of these there are the longer the plating lasts.


Here at Natalie Salisbury Jewellery, we use between 2 and 5 microns of gold-plate dependant on the item and the type of wear it is likely to receive. For example, rings and other pieces of jewellery that are worn on or near the hand, that are likely to receive more daily knocks, are plated with more microns.


Natalie Salisbury Jewellery likes to offer gold-plating as an option as she feels her work suits the rich and lush tones of 18ct yellow gold so well. However, whilst the gold plating should last for a substantial amount of time, depending on how much you wear your piece of Natalie Salisbury Jewellery, you may find that the gold-plating begins to wear away after time. As mentioned, this is especially true with rings and wristwear that can bear the brunt of all the jobs that your hands are involved in!


To ensure your jewellery looks its best at all times, Natalie Salisbury Jewellery provides a re-plating service for your convenience! Each item is quoted for individually and is calculated dependant on size. Please email with any questions regarding this service.