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Flowered Ritual Ring


A foray into the rich natural texture of the organic world, these pieces of work are simpler and less showy. Relying purely on their understated beauty; this is jewellery to show your appreciation with, to show your respect proclaim your love with.

The Flowered Ritual Ring; perfect as a ceremonial gift.

Whether you are a bride or a groom, someone looking for the perfect offering to declare your love, looking for a special gift for a special someone, or simply desiring something beautiful to wear for yourself, the Flowered Ritual Ring covers all areas.

The textured organic band delicately entwines around the finger showing a single flower embellishment, set with a glistening 2mm white diamond, approximately 0.03 in carat weight.

Unimposing, the Flowered Ritual Ring sits quite happily alone, or with company alongside a simple band. It has the versatility to be worn everyday with or without reason. It speaks for itself.


From Maker to Wearer, we want this process to be as special and as smooth as possible for you; making times can vary so please be aware of this before the journey of your specially made ring begins. 

Please contact Natalie with any questions or queries you have regarding the commission of this special ring. Upon ordering we will contact you with details of the size you require. Alternatively, mention the size you want in the order notes. 

As with all pieces, Natalie Salisbury Jewellery also creates this ring in other carats and colours of gold, other metals, and with other stones. Please do get in touch to request a quotation or if you have any questions regarding this piece.

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