To ensure your gorgeous piece of Natalie Salisbury Jewellery remains in its best condition, it is advised to clean it regularly. This is especially true for gold-plated pieces which should be regularly cleaned due to the adverse affect constant perspiration can have on the plating.

It is advised not to rub the item too hard with a polishing cloth as this is liable to take off some of the plating. To clean well and clean thoroughly, the easiest and simplest way is with an old or soft toothbrush, some mild soap (ensure the soap is free from whitening agents or abrasives), and some warm water.

Gently brush the piece in the warm soapy water with in small circular strokes to ensure any dirt is removed from within the delicate lace patterning or the branch-like forms. This basic process is most effective for rings, where hand cream, perspiration (see above) and other general household and beauty products can get caught more easily.

And hey presto! A (nearly) brand new piece of jewellery!

If you have any trouble with this process or have further questions then don't hesitate to get in touch - we are always happy to help!