Ethics and Sustainable
Jewellery Making

I believe that being a good, conscientious, global citizen means doing everything you can in your life to leave the world in a better way than you found it. It's about everyone doing what they can.  

Commitment to improving 

I'm Inspired by the environment and inspired to look after it. I take many practical steps to reduce the impact my business has on the environment and I'm committed to continuing to learn more whilst implementating better practices as they become available.


I work with silver, gold and some gem stones and I source as many as I can from New Zealand.

At times, when I do have to order from further afield, I stick as close to home as possible. Usually Australia. This helps to lower my carbon emmissions.  

I like to use the more irregular and unique stones that possess imperfections. I prefer them; I think they bring more character and beauty to my pieces. More importantly however, lower graded stones and pearls fail to attract the same degree of conflict as compared to higher graded stones, and are therefore, I feel, a more ethical choice. 


All my gold plating is undertaken here in New Zealand to keep additional freight to a minimum. 

I am aware that plating is a chemical heavy process, and so in 2023 I have been increasing the number of solid gold pieces within my collections whilst aiming to make them as affordable as possible.

I have also decided to remove the option of any gold-plated rings as the wear and tear that rings receive means that gold-plating doesn't as long as either you or I would like it to!

Recycling and reducing waste

All of my packaging is made from either fabric or cardboard; I have spent quite a bit of time choosing these particular materials, trying to find the balance between keeping my pieces safe on their way to you, reducing the amount of plastic I use, and making each package look and feel special. 

All other packaging from my suppliers and other waste in my workshop is recycled or up-cycled wherever possible.

In my workshop there is absolutely no metal waste. I use every piece, no matter how tiny! It all makes it way into a beautiful piece of jewellery somehow, someway. 

No Fast Fashion

My pieces are designed with longevity in mind. They have a classic feel and are made to an exceptional standard.

I expect that many of them will be handed on to family members or become heirlooms over time. They are made to last and to share.


Everyone is welcome here.

You will not find different prices for different sizes of the same piece. All sizes are equal.

My website has been used with best practice accessibility practices to make sure everyone is able to visit and use my site with ease. 

And jewellery is for everyone - guys, gals and my non-binary pals. I'd love to support you to be you, whilst looking great in my jewellery while you do it!