My Process

You do not just wake up and become the butterfly

- growth is a process

Rupi Kaur

Step one


Initial ideas for a collection of work can can and do come from all manner of places; shapes, patterns, textures, places or words...anything can trigger a creative spark at the right moment.

And once a creative spark has been lit, I tend to design through what might be described as 'metal play'. I find the exploration of an idea on a 3D basis far more satisfying than with pen and paper, though of course 2D sketches will always have their place!

step two


I find that design feedback is quicker and more definite via the making process. Whilst making I come to realisations quicker and can consider other collection pieces more readily.

During this step of the process I begin to consider which processes I want to use to make the collection I am focussing on...I might begin to make master versions, choose which chains to use or consider the use of gemstones in a given piece. Ideas are still flowing, perhaps even more so at this stage.


The majority of my collections are made using recycled sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver, and solid recycled gold in various carats and colours. I enjoy the different finishes and interpretations of my work that these different metals provide, and this offers my customers more choice also.

I put a lot of consideration in to the other elements I incorporate in my pieces, like chains, clasps, and earring hoops and posts. I don't like anything too showy as my organic pieces possess a lot of detail already! I like delicate trace chains with curved links for necklaces and heavier variations for bracelets and pendants.

In some of my collections I also incorporate stones. I especially love rich yellow tones, vibrant greens, sultry reds and deep deep blacks. I find that these colours really enhance my designs and fit with each my various aesthetics.

Check out my Commissions page to find out more about the materials that can be used within the bespoke jewellery process, and also my Ethics page to source more information about how I choose my materials.

Step three


It's more than just about having an idea and making a's about refining it too, and this can take months. Sometimes a piece might not be fully realised until I've made a few of them. Metal, whilst malleable and versatile, will regularly tell you what it is and isn't prepared to do, and this is something you can only learn through repetitive practice. The same goes for any given design. Some work, some just don't.

This particular step is a small part of the process but it is absolutely crucial in ensuring that you get the best possible version of your piece of Natalie Salisbury Jewellery.

Step four


Personally, I love a well packaged treat.

The packaging is all part of the experience; if you invest in something meaningful then you need it to feel special when you receive

With this in mind, I spent an large (huge!) part of 2022 revamping my branding and, more importantly, the way in which you receive your piece of Natalie Salisbury Jewellery.

Picture beautiful suedette pouches in forest green, black and mustard yellow, with hints of sumptuous gold. I'm in love with them and I hope you will be too!