Sizing Guide

I understand that you're investing in a fantactic piece of jewellery, and because of this you want to make sure it's going to be the correct size, right?


And so, to help you get your size right the first time, I've put together these handy tips to help you on your size-searching journey...

If you’re unsure or are having trouble, then please get in touch with me at I can answer your questions, advise if necessary, and help make sure your purchase is perfect.


Ring sizes can be tricky to get correct, but don’t worry – I have several different methods to help you with your sizing below.

Ring Size Chart
NZ Ring Size US Size EU Size (mm) Inside Diameter (mm)
I 4.25 47.5 15.1
J 4.75 48.8 15.5
K 5.25 50 15.9
L 5.75 51.3 16.3
M 6.25 52.5 16.7
N 6.75 53.8 17.1
O 7.00 55 17.5
P 7.50 56.3 17.9
Q 8.00 57.5 18.3
R 8.50 58.8 18.7
S 9.00 60 19.1
T 9.50 61.3 19.5
U 10.00 62.5 19.9
V 10.50 63.8 20.3
W 11.00 65 20.7

When you purchase a ring from me, please indicate the ring size you think will fit you best when you choose your item. Then, before I start making your piece I will be in touch to double check the size you have recorded and the method you used to measure it.

Sizing From an Existing Ring

If you already have a ring in the correct size, you can use the above table to find your size by following these steps;

1. Lay your ring on a ruler. Ensure the widest part of the ring is laying across the edge of the ruler where the measurements are.

2. Record the inside diameter of your ring in millimetres.

3. Find the closest size in the table above...and...

4. Order your ring!

Finding a New Size

Follow this super simple guide to find your ring size;-

1. Cut a thin strip of paper, no more than 5mm wide.

2. Wrap it closely around the base of the finger and mark the paper at the place where one end meets the other.

3. Lay that strip of paper on a ruler and record the length in millimetres. This is your ring circumference and is the same measurement as the EU size in the table above.

4. Now...order your beautiful ring!

If you're finding sizing your finger just too tricky and/or you want some more advice, just get in touch with me at

I'll be more than happy to help, and can talk you through the processes I use in more detail.


Chain Bracelets

Our bracelets come in 4 lengths

• 16.5cm

• 17.5cm

• 18.5cm

• 19.5cm

To find the best length for you;-

1. Take a piece of string (or ribbon, etc.) and ensure it's not stretchy at all.

2. Wrap the string around your wrist approximately where you would like the bracelet to sit (remembering to leave room for movement but not enough room that it can slip off).

3. Mark the length you are comfortable with, and lay the string on a ruler.

4. Note the length in cm and use the options above to choose the best length for you.

5. Order your stunning bracelet!

Cuffs & Bangles

The measurement that is most important when fitting cuffs and bangles is the width across your knuckles.

To find this measurement;-

1. Touch your thumb to the pad at the base of your little finger as if you were putting a bangle on.

2. With your hand in that position, hold a ruler across the widest part of your knuckles and record the measurement - this can be approximate.

3. Now, whilst your hand is in the same position, wrap a piece of non-stretchy string (or similar) around the widest part of your knuckes (you might need help for this!). Note the length of this measurement also.

4. Finally, provide both of these measurements in the notes of your wonderful new purchase! These measurements will help to give me an accurate idea of the bangle size you require.

Again, if you're having any trouble at all with the sizing for any item then please email me at I'm always here and ready to assist!


Our necklaces come in five standard lengths;-

• 35cm

• 40cm

• 45cm

• 50cm

• 70cm

If you're unsure which size wills suit you best, then use the following steps to help;-

1. Cut some long pieces of string (or similar) to the lengths listed above (again, make sure the string isn't stretchy).

2. Drape them around your neck and note which length feels best.

3. Order your beautiful necklace!

Amendments, Alterations & Re-sizings

Every piece of Natalie Salisbury Jewellery is made in my home workshop by me. If you have a special request for a chain length or finger size not listed above then please do get in contact - there are few things that are impossible, but various amendments may incur extra costs.

I also provide a re-sizing service for any Natalie Salisbury Jewellery ring or necklace/chain. Should you have any questions regarding these services then please do get in contact.